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SCICU…Providing Opportunities
            for Excellence

            FOUNDED • South Carolina Independent Colleges                     SCICU Staff
            and Universities, Inc. was established in 1953  to
            promote  independent  higher  education  in  South                Mike LeFever
            Carolina.                                                         President & CEO
            MEMBERSHIP •  To  be  eligible  for  membership
            in SCICU, an institution must meet the following                  Eddie Shannon
            criteria: (1) Be a two or four-year college or university         Executive Vice President
            with its primary emphasis on the liberal arts, (2) Have 
            received qualified accreditation by the Southern
                                                                              Brenda Torrence
            Association of Colleges and Schools, (3) Must be a
                                                                              Director of Finance
            non-profit institution, and (4) Be headquartered in
                                                                              and Administration
            South Carolina.

            MEMBERS • SCICU represents 20 independent
                                                                              Shay Shealy West
            colleges  and  universities,  each with  a  unique
                                                                              Director of
            historical,  cultural, and in many instances,                     Communications
            denominational  background,   including  five           
            historically black colleges and universities, two
            women’s colleges, and one two-year college.

            MISSION •  SCICU supports and promotes the values
            of independent higher education in South Carolina.
            SCICU seeks to advance higher education through
            fundraising, scholarships, and research, as well as
            by facilitating collaborative activities among the
            member institutions. SCICU also enhances a positive
                                                                              South Carolina
            public image and encourages government policies
                                                                              Independent Colleges
            that support independent higher education.
                                                                              and Universities, Inc.

            MANAGEMENT • A board of trustees composed of
                                                                              P.O. Box 12007
            the presidents from each member institution and
                                                                              Columbia, SC 29211
            business and community leaders from across the
            state directs SCICU.
                                                                              1706 Senate Street

            TAX STATUS • SCICU is a tax-exempt, non-profit                    Columbia, SC 29201
            corporation. SCICU has been designated a 501 (c)
            (3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service and              Phone: (803) 799-7122
            all contributions are tax deductible. Contributions               Fax: (803) 254-7504
            should be made payable to SCICU and mailed to P.O.
            Box 12007, Columbia, SC 29211.

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