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          CHARLESTON       On behalf of the twenty independent colleges and universities that are members of South
            SOUTHERN       Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities, Inc., I am pleased to make available to you

               CLAFLIN     our 2018-2019 College Guide. The Guide is a resource that can be used by students, parents,
                           counselors and others to explore all the “Opportunities for Excellence” available at one of South
                           Carolina’s outstanding private, not-for-profit institutions of higher learning.
                           In  today’s  rapidly-changing  and  ever-expanding  global  community,  the  need  for  higher
       INTERNATIONAL       education has never been greater.  Next in importance to making a commitment to pursue a
                           postsecondary education is choosing the college or university that meets each student’s unique
                           intellectual, financial, and personal needs. Finding a good fit requires time and thoughtfulness.
                           With more than 4,400 private and public higher education institutions across the country—
               FURMAN      more than 60 of them in South Carolina—choosing the right school is both an opportunity and
            LIMESTONE      a challenge.

               MORRIS      The admissions professionals at South Carolina’s independent colleges and universities advise
            NEWBERRY       students and parents to begin the selection process early. Explore schools of different sizes,
                           locations, characteristics, and costs. Make use of the many resources on selecting a college
           GREENVILLE      available in print and on the web. Keep an open mind.
         PRESBYTERIAN       Most importantly, after the choices have been narrowed, take time to visit each campus on the

            SOUTHERN       short list. Take a tour, meet with students, attend a class, read the campus newspaper, eat in the
             WESLEYAN      student center, and spend the night in a dorm. Students should feel secure, comfortable and
         SPARTANBURG       confident in the place where they will spend some of the most important years of their lives.
                           So, let the journey begin. I suggest that you start with a closer look at South Carolina’s
            VOORHEES       wonderfully diverse independent colleges and universities. In the pages that follow, you will
             WOFFORD       find detailed school profiles, visitation dates, and an extensive discussion of available federal,
                           state, and institutional student financial aid. Additional information and resources, including an
                           interactive, digital copy of the College Guide, may be found at

                           Please contact me or any of our schools for additional information. Good luck on finding the
          P.O. BOX 12007
                           college or university that will help you grow both personally, professionally, and intellectually.
         COLUMBIA, SC

                  WEB:     Mike LeFever
                           President  & CEO
                E-MAIL:    South Carolina Independent Colleges & Universities
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